Environmental Remediation Services

Asbestos Abatement Services

JJPS, Inc. provides comprehensive asbestos and lead abatement services for industrial, government and commercial facilities. Our trained professionals can help you better understand the reality of asbestos situation in your structure and we employ every precaution to ensure the safety of everyone involved. We work closely with our clients to ensure that our asbestos abatement work creates minimal impact on the daily operations of your organization. We are comfortable working with large firms in high traffic areas and we understand the logistics involved with temporarily shifting work spaces in order to safely remove contaminated materials. JJPS, Inc. can help you with asbestos abatement needs, please contact us today.

Lead Abatement Services

Lead abatement can be a difficult and costly process and many companies simply do not know where to begin. JJPS, Inc. employs certified professionals and state of the art equipment to ensure that your company’s lead abatement project is done safely and efficiently. Our team will assess the lead issues facing your company and we’ll work together to establish a well-defined action plan and lead abatement protocol.

JJPS, Inc. works closely with local authorities and government agencies to ensure that our abatement and remediation work is in total compliance with local building codes, ordinances and permitting processes. If you have any questions about how JJPS, Inc. can help you with your lead abatement needs, please contact us today.

Disposal Of Hazardous Materials and Chemicals

JJPS, Inc. has the experience and the necessary permits to identify, record and dispose of Hazardous materials and chemicals with strict maintenance of chain of custody from the generating facility to EPA approved landfills for disposal.

Solid Waste Hauling and Disposal

JJPS, Inc. has the capability to haul and dispose of solid wastes materials from the generating site to the EPA approved landfill in compliance of all Federal, State and local government regulations.

Mold Remediation

JPS, Inc.’s crews have a great deal of experience in mold remediation of mold contaminated walls, ceilings and floors using environmentally friendly mold treatment compounds and mold resistant drywalls and compounds.