JJPS, Inc. Quality Control Plan

Our quality control, (Q.C.) system complies with ANSI/ISO quality management systems. Our quality control personnel has the following responsibilities:

  • Holds weekly meeting with the key company, suppliers, and subcontractors personnel responsible for carrying out, supervising, or inspecting work and interested customer representative.
  • Reviews quality control schedules and monitors the Q.C program
  • Updates our Q.C. plan, prepares and maintains daily Q.C. report.
  • Performs random inspection to determine if contract requirements are being met and if our Q.C plan is being implemented effectively.

Our teams work when conditions do not adversely impact quality, comply with the respective governments regulations, contract technical specifications, industry standards or product installation instruction. We take necessary steps to protect completed projects from damage as specified by government regulations, contract technical specifications, industry standards, and product installation instructions.